Hello, and welcome to Noisy Creek Adventures Tipi Poles! Our story begins in the mid 1960's when our founder, Jim Suffield (or Suffy), began crafting fine quality tipi poles using our own local Northern Wisconsin Balsam fir trees. He found that in certain areas, our Balsam fir trees grow very tall and extremely straight: the ideal structure for making tipi poles. After making a set of poles for himself, a few friends liked what they saw and asked if he could make them a set of their own. Word spread, orders continued to pour in and his idea snowballed into a business venture; the rest, as they say, is "history!"

Current owner and manager Jeff Everson personally worked for and with Jim Suffield for over 20 years, learning the tricks of the trade and helping to keep up with the high demand for fine quality, dependable tipi poles. Upon Suffy's retirement in the early 1990's, Jeff took the reins and has continued to operate Noisy Creek Adventures Tipi Poles ever since. Jeff says that he greatly enjoys the traveling involved in delivering the poles to clients throughout the USA, as well as the multitude of interesting people he gets to meet, and the many friendships that have developed along the way.

Since taking over the business full-time, Jeff Everson has been cutting and peeling tipi poles from our own local Balsam fir trees. Only trees with a base of 3 to 4.5 inches and a naturally straight and sturdy trunk are used to guarantee the best display of any tipi design. Our hand-crafted wooden poles are also available in a variety of sizes, from ten feet to 35+! Shipping of your new tipi poles is available nationwide via personal delivery completed by the Noisy Creek Adventures staff.

If you have ever thought about tipi living, have been searching for replacement poles for an existing tipi or are simply looking to buy hand-crafted wooden tipi poles, Noisy Creek's "Tipi Poles For Sale" is the place for you!